The website of the Library and Human Information Science Department (Faculty of Arts of the Science University of Szeged) provides useful information and current news for its visitors.

The site of the librarian training in Szeged is a place worth spending some time for those who want to continue their studies at university after high school, even more for those who are interested in human and social studies. Under the Students menu you can read about the city, its opportunities and the colourful programmes held annually in Szeged. You can also find a short introduction of the department itself, written and arranged – like everything else found here – by our student, this way bringing the subject closer for future freshmen.

Clicking on Education you can have a glimpse at the work in progress here, a detailed guide of the BA and MA teaching system and the relevant majors. If any of the listed courses kindles your interest you can find further information at the Course descriptions. This may vary each semester as a more efficient, fresh and up to date theme system is set up, following the growing experience of our instructors.

However possibly the most important knowledge for applicants can be found under the menu How to apply? Here you get an exact image of the subjects covered, what are the conditions of earning a basic then master degree and who this department is realy for.

This site is home for lots of useful information and auxiliary materials concerning freshers just starting their university life and being uncertain of the administrational process. The First aid (found under the Students menu) is especially written for them, which is a well organised bunch of advise from senior students. This compilation tries to cover all essential fields, from the pitfalls of picking the right subjects to finding the most important classrooms. Altogether everything needed for „survival”.

Apart from these visitors can have a look at the proceedings of the department, publications of the instructors, our scientific achievements, contacts and the times of consulting hours. You can also acquire information on foreign scholarships, researches by the department’s staff. Also you can keep an eye on projects to be started or currently running by entering the Research menu. Those who are just about to start working on their dissertation may find a list of topics and requirements.

Finally the website provides thrills for veteran students as well. The recommendations of various books and programmes help you to spend your free time with active recreation – meaning either browsing through interesting links or taking a culinary adventure following the instructions of a Kokas recipe.