The website of the Faculty of Library and Human Information Science Department at the University of Szeged provides useful information and current news for all visitors.

For those who wish to continue their studies at the university after high school and are mostly interested in the humanities and social sciences, the website of the librarian-training project in Szeged can be a useful place. Under the heading “For Students” readings are available about the city and its opportunities, and the colourful programmes being held year by year. Visitors to this website can find a brief description of the Faculty as well, which - like all other things on the site – have been written and compiled by the students, thus bringing the topic even closer through their own eyes for the future freshmen.

Under the heading “Education”, visitors can get an insight into the ongoing projects on the Faculty, as well as to read more detailed information on both the BA and MA courses and the associated specializations. If some of the listed courses have raised the interest, one can be informed about the details in the “Course Descriptions”. This can be varied each semester, as the professors try to compile an even more efficient, more recently and more current syllabus based on their own experience. Yet one of the most important for the applicants is the knowledge of the “Entrance Exam Information”. Here they can form a clear picture on who should in any case select this major, which knowledge will be acquired during the project and under which conditions could they get a bachelor’s degree (BA), then a master’s degree (MA).

For those freshmen, who have just started university and feel uncertain about the personal administration, there are lots of useful information and helping documents available on the website. Specifically edited for first year students, the heading “Freshmen Help” is a bunch of structured good advice from their upper-year counterparts. This configuration tends to cover most of the areas, from the tricks of picking up the courses till the important instructions to ways of finding the right classroom - so anything that may be necessary to "survive".

In addition, visitors can view the department's publications, lists of faculty publications, the results achieved, the contact information and the consulting hours. As well as information about the foreign scholarships, research conducted by the staff of the department, and monitor and track the start-ups or the unfolding of the ongoing projects under the heading “Research”. Those who write their thesis can access the requirements and see the list of topics.

Eventually, the website holds some extra excitement for veteran students. The variety of books and referral programs all help them to spend their remaining leisure time actively – either to browse interesting links or take culinary discoveries by following Kokas's recipes.

He was the founder and the head of the Department of Library Sciences at the Faculty of Humanities, in the University of Szeged, also a senior lecturer, honorary college teacher, and candidate of the literature. He developed the syllabus. He died on the 7th April, 2007.

He did not administer his knowledge but he shared it. By struggling for a development of a new scientific culture in the era of computer technologies, he supported the automation and information technologies in the library.

He intensively collaborated with the Finno-Ugric branch of the Florence University.

As for broadening his knowledge he made a lot of domestic and foreign study trips and contributed in many study projects, such as the National Literature Information System, the Euridito digital project, the Matrix project of the Széchenyi Planand the Hungarian National Shared Catalogue. His membership in several committees proves his scientific activeness.

From 1992 he was the manager of the University’s Library Department, which enabled him to implement ideas in automation. Thanks to his work, from 1999 the special librarian training project became general. Up until his death he was actively involved in meeting the requirements of modern training of librarians.


1st September, 1999 – 7th April, 2007.  JATE BTK Hungarian Institute, special librarian training, head

1st September, 1998 – 7th April, 2007. General Director Deputy, University Library

1st September, 1997 – 31st June, 1999 Acting Head of Department

1996- Director Deputy, University Library

1995- Head of Department Deputy (JATE BTK, Italian Language and Literature Department)

(1st February, 1995 – 1st July. Acting Head of Department) (JATE BTK, Italian Language and Literature Department)

1992- Manager, University Library


Academic Studies:

1989-1991. Juhász Gyula Teacher Training College, Librarian- major, postgraduate project

1980-1981. ELTE (Eötvös Loránd University) Italian Language and Literature Department, PhD student correspondence

1970-1975. JATE BTK Hungarian-Italian Teacher - major


Academic degrees, honors, titles:

2006. Ágoston Trefort Award

1996. Member of the MTA Public Syndicate

1995. Honorary College Teacher (Szeged, Juhász Gyula Teacher Training College)

1993. For Hungarian Higher Education- memory plaquette

1991. Candidate of Literature (MTA, Csc)

1989. Commendation from the Hungarian Prime Minister

1978. University PhD (JATE BTK)