Informatikus könyvtáros BA
alkalmazott informatika, adatbázisok, könyvtári informatika, kétféle specializáció
Mindenkit várunk!
Könyvtártudomány MA
intézményvezetői ismeretek, négyféle specializáció
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Kulturális örökség tanulmányok MA
azoknak, akik nemcsak ismerni, de megismertetni is szeretnék a magyar kultúrát
Érdemes fölfedezni!
Régikönyves szakismeretek
könyvtörténet, régi nyomtatványok kezelése tudományos és szakkönyvtárakban dolgozóknak
Fejlesztő biblioterápia
azoknak, akik jobban szeretnék ismerni magukat és segíteni másoknak abban, hogy ők is jobban ismerjék magukat
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.., where university students like to live

The city of Szeged is the biggest one on the southern Great Plain, capital of Csongrád County, it lies in the encounter of river Tisza and river Maros. Szeged is a city of universities and an important cultural centre where a university student can find every program throughout the year.

After starting the university semester in September, in October we can choose from the programs offered by the Autumn Cultural Festival. Also, the theatre season starts in autumn. The National Theatre in Szeged has a good relation with the University of Szeged. As being university students, we can purchase discount season tickets and every year, on the open day we can look behind the scenes of the theatre.

We can watch the top latest films in the Cinema City at Szeged Plaza. For those, who have a desire for more intimate, atmospheric movie experience is worth to buy tickets at the Grand Café or the Belváros Cinema. In the latter two, particularly European and Asian films can be seen.

The Reök-Palace and the Móra Ferenc Museum are able to welcome visitors with high quality of exhibitions throughout the year.

The “Mindentudás Egyeteme” is a series of scientific lectures, which was initiated in Szeged. Since 2008 it is known as “Szabadegyetem”. Week after week we can listen to articulate, scientific presentations in the conference room of the Study and Information Centre.

In the cold weather we can warm up by sipping a glass of mulled wine on the Christmas Market at Dóm Square and Széchenyi Square. While enjoying the friendly atmosphere and selecting from gifts we can visit folk music concerts in the straw built tents. In spring when the weather gets warmer, we can take bicycle tours to the University on bike paths surrounded by budding trees. The green areas of the city such as the Park in Újszeged and Széchenyi Square are suitable for picnic or playing outdoor games with friends. After lessons we can choose from lots of cafés in the city centre and near the University. Among the preferred ones are the Nyugi Café next to the University, the Millennium Café at Dugonics Square, the Acapella Confectionery in the Kárász street and the Casablanca Café at Viktor Vaszy Square.

In spring the Egyetemi Tavasz offers many programs for students. On the Day of Szeged we can choose from craftsman products at the Szeged Bridge Fair and taste different wines products of wineries of the country in the wine festival.

Also it is worth to stay in the city in summer. Forget the examination period, enjoy the cool water at Napfényfürdő Aquapolis and watch the open theatre performances of the Szeged Szabadtéri Játékok at Dóm Square. The river Tisza is closely related to Szeged. The riverside is popular place for long romantic walk, fine fish soup can be tasted in restaurants.