szakmai gyakorlat
a szakmai gyakorlat beosztása, követelményei, gyakorlóhelyek
nézzük meg
szakdolgozati témák, témavezető fölkérése, követelmények
jelentkezés záróvizsgára, tételek, a záróvizsga menete, követelmények
hogyan zajlik?
a tanulási nehézségek, személyes problémák, mentori órák
miben segít?
kék oldalak
könyvtárinformatikai és könyvtári fogalomtár, szakmai szervezetek
ez mi ez?

Welcome to our site! You’re in the best place if you are looking for exciting courses, if you want to challenge your knowledge, if you want to broaden your horizons, if you want to study with fellow students and from teachers who are always ready to help you – and if you want to spend a few months in a fantastic community!

The University of Szeged and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has a large Erasmus network. Students and researchers are welcome to spend a shorter or longer period at our Department as well. We have several bilateral agreements, and we intend to enrich this list, so if you do not find your institute among our partner universities or departments, feel free to contact us. The Erasmus coordinator of our Department is Orsolya Bencsik.

As the language of instruction of all our courses is Hungarian, we welcome our guest students from higher education institutions of the neighboring countries, and also everyone else who – with some help if necessary – can follow our courses: Hungarian native speakers living outside Hungary and students of Hungarian from around the world. (You find the list of our Erasmus courses here.)

The following courses are recommended primarily for students of library and information studies, cultural studies, Hungarian language and culture, history, tourism, Eastern European studies, and Finno-Ugric studies – but we welcome anyone who wants to take any of our courses. We look forward to seeing you in Szeged!